Upstream & Downstream Canyoneering at Uwan-Uwanan Gorge, Libagon,Southern Leyte

Who would have thought that you can experience an adrenalin pumping adventure in Southern Leyte? About 120.2 kilometres from its capital city (Maasin), Libagon hosts Uwan-uwanan Gorge. You can experience an upstream and downstream canyoneering. Upstream and downstream because there’s no other way but to experience the same pathway in going to and getting back to the drop off point.

I heard about this adventure way back in highschool but it didn’t come through. Now that I heard that the local government of Libagon has been redeveloping it to improve the town’s tourism, I then set a plan to visit Uwan-Uwanan.  Together with my brother, my sister in law and her brother, and my cousin, we’re getting into the Gorge!


How to get there?

Barangay Kawayan is a 2 barangays away from Libagon’s town proper (Talisay/Jubas area). If you are from Maasin, ride a bus going to Hinunangan/Liloan/San Ricardo area since it will pass through Libagon. Tell the bus driver or the conductor to stop you in Barangay Kawayan, Libagon (particularly on their Barangay Hall), which is next to Barangay Biasong (they have a cold tubod or spring here).



First off, you need arrange it with the barangay officials of Barangay Kawayan, where Uwan-uwanan Gorge is located. In our case, we pay 250 for the tour guide, which is good for 4-6 people. I think there was also an environmental fee of 50 for the all group. It’s pretty cheap compared to the commercialized canyoneering experience in Cebu (Alegria’s Kanlaob River to Badian’s Kawasan Falls).

What to expect?

Prior to arriving at the gorge (a mini canyon), you will cross about 7-9 creeks. A lush of green will welcome you. Lots of coconut trees! Once you arrive at the gorge, expect to get wet. Be careful since the rocks are very slippery. Always pay attention to what the tour guides are saying and always follow their steps. Trust me, accidents is just a finger snaps away.


You will climb, swim, trek, and rappel a very tall waterfalls. You really need to get all the extra courage since this adventure is not for the faint-hearted.

There were no complete gears yet but the tour guide said that they are already requesting more life vests, helmets and ropes. These are needed to lessen the magnitude of injury, should it arise.

At the time of our adventure, we did not wear any vest or helmets. But all of us know how to swim.

Yes, we all made it! Completo ra, wa ray pangos. haha! Just be careful guys and always listen to the guide. D lang ta magkiat ky naa say mga laing tao namuyo sa lugar. Wait wait wait. Let’s translate this one so that our non-Bisaya speaking friends can understand this: Just be very careful going into the gorge. Accidents happen. Respect the elements that are living in the area. Keep your voice down and focus. JK!


Checkout our adventure at Uwan-uwanan Gorge below!


kita kita nya ta sa Southern Leyte!

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