Tumpag Falls, Bato, Leyte – Quick Visit To This Unspoiled Natural Wonder

Since it was a long weekend last week, “the family” is back on the road again. This time, we went to Tumpag Falls in Osmeña, Bato, Leyte. No worries, wa ray naTUMPAG, haha! Read the post below to know more details (including entrance and cottage fees) of our quick getaway at Tumpag Falls!

How to get there?

Tumpag Falls is located in Barangay Osmeña, Bato, Leyte. If you are the Sogod area, it should be the first barangay in Bato. Take the road on your left, specifically that has a signage of Gunhuban Falls. No, no, we are not going to Gunhuban but Tumpag Falls. Gunhuban and Tumpag shares the same road since they are in the same barangay. No, it’s not the same water source (that’s according to a local resident).

On the other hand, if you are from the Maasin/Hilongos area, you go to Bato and take the Bontoc road. You should pass through the Bato Municipal Hall. You should be able to see “Gunhuban Falls” signage at your right. This the road:

From Sogod/Bontoc area:

From Maasin/Hilongos area:

Google didn’t get into this road yet. I am currently in the process of submitting the Google Maps entry for Tumpag Falls so that lots of traveler may be able to locate it easily.

UPDATE: Google just approved the maps entry for Tumpag Falls. Check it below for reference:

You can just walk from the national highway to Tumpag Falls if you can. I guess it will be approximately 15-20 minutes. There will be a signage stating, well obviously, Tumpag Falls. haha!

Why not Gunhuban Falls?

I have been to Gunhuban Falls many years ago – when it was not yet redeveloped. (sa wala pa mauso ang mga camera phones haha). A lot of locals have been discouraging us to go back there since there were reported numerous cases of accidents, even deaths. According to some, (which I do not believe entirely but have to listen to my parents not to get back there, buotan na bata dw eh ahahah), there’s a huge octopus like creature hiding in the catch basin of the waterfalls. This said to be creature also creates a sudden whirlpool that sucks people in. Ikaw, motoo ka ana? Folklore or not, one of the main reasons why we chose Tumpag is that it’s still not yet spoiled, it’s recommended and it’s more accessible than Gunhuban. Accessible in terms of not to go to a steep road to get into the waterfalls. I mean, it’s normal but it’s not totally not okay if you have kids and older people with you.


Entrance Fee: 5 pesos

Cottage rental: 100 pesos

There are 2 sari-sari stores in the area. One of the stores also has floaters for rent (at 40 pesos). They are selling chips, soft drinks, water.

There are cottages that are on the main waterfalls area and there are also cottages near the parking area. Well, technically, there’s not a designated parking area yet, but since there’s a lot of empty spaces near the falls, park to your heart’s desire. But be very careful as there can be dead coconuts that might fall into your precious vehicles. No vehicle fees as of the moment yet. 4-wheeled vehicles can pass smoothly.


What to Expect?

Upon seeing Tumpag Falls, I suddenly remembered Hagimit Falls in Samal Island. It’s a spacious waterfalls and is composed of different tiers (I guess there were about 4). The main falls isn’t really as tall as you can see in Gunhuban Falls. It’s probably a little below the height of Alejos Falls in Bontoc. It probably just 2 or 3 meters high. Though it’s short, it’s still a perfect spot for jumping. I even saw a local climbing up to a nearby tree and jump right into the waterfalls … ala Tarzan. cool!

tumpag falls

The stones are slippery so be very careful when going there. There are areas that are perfect swimming spot for kids.

By the way, you can opt not to get any cottages and just pay for the entrance fee. There area is spacious enough to accommodate people that have no intentions of paying cottage rentals.

There are no grilling station as of the time of our visit. You can just grill wherever you want. ahha! Just be very responsible enough not to leave trash behind.

Here take a look at our photos and travel video to summarize everything. Enjoy!


…… I hope you get to visit Tumpag Falls too.

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