Transfer Travel Photos/Videos From Your DSLR Quickly With MobileLite Wireless G2

We always take photos when we travel – that is a fact. Not just photos but videos too. Perhaps most of us will choose our smartphones in taking photos due to its portability. Some would also prefer bringing DSLR cameras as they capture high quality photo (even if it’s bulky to bring).

Apart from being bulky, you can never easily transfer saved photos from your DSLR without the use of laptop. Most DSLR uses SD card and smartphones are only capable of reading microSD cards. This means later upload and you can never share them with the group. We are always excited to upload travel photos and share it with our friends at social media as soon as possible. Admit it. Guilty as charged.

Come MobileLite Wireless G2 by Kingston. This absolutely awesome gadget is one of the best purchases I’ve made so far. Why? You can get the SD card off your DSLR cam, insert it to the device and transfer the photos to your phone! It’s easy peasy. Your friends can also connect to the device and save the photos on their own smartphones.


The Kingston MobileLite Wireless G2 also has USB port to read external portable hard drives. Therefore, you can transfer the content of your SD card to your external hard drive. It’s a read and write device.

It has ethernet port so that you can use it as a wireless router. Apart from that, you can also use it as a powerbank!



  • portable
  • can be used as a powerbank
  • easy and quick transfer of files
  • allows 8 users to connect to the device
  • durable (I’ve been using this for 3 years already). I initially bought this since the first action cam I purchased (SJCAM) didn’t support wireless transfer of photos/videos).


  • you may experience lagging when lots of users are connecting to the device at the same time (I suggest 3 users accessing it first). Lagging is also dependent on the storage device connected – reading/writing speed of SD cards or external hard drives.
  • may experience a bit of buffering issues when streaming movies (may be connected to the above statement).

Final Thoughts: all in all this is a good device to add up to your travel. Transferring DSLR photos and freeing up SD card is easy!

P. S. Kingston has rolled out MobileLite Wireless G3, upgraded version of G2. It now has a built in storage of 64GB.  G2 has been phased out already but getting G3 is more worthy to expand your storage while on the go.


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