Singapore Budget Trip Itinerary For Filipino

Probably the cleanest country I’ve ever been to. It is my second visit to Singapore and this time, it’s a bit longer, hence, I was able to explore the country better. There is still excitement and reaffirmation that Singapore can be included on my list of countries that one must visit – perhaps not because of its natural landscape but the architecture and how disciplined Singaporeans are.

Listed below are the places I have visited during the trip. Read more for a Singapore budget trip itinerary for Filipino or for everyone who is on a shoestring budget.

Food, Transpo & Time Zone also discussed below

Adventure Cove – Sentosa Island

How to get there?

The closest MRT station is Harbour Front.

Quoting this from Resorts World:

Route to Universal Studios Singapore by Train / Sentosa Express
  1. Take North-East line or Circle line to HarbourFront station.
  2. Take Exit E to VivoCity and proceed to level 3 to board the Sentosa Express. Alight 1 stop later at Waterfront station.
  3. Walk straight till you see Chili’s Restaurant on your right.

The Adventure Cove is beside the Universal Studios Singapore under Resorts World Sentosa. Actually the amusement parks here are close to each other.

There are lockers for rent to store valuables.

Entrance fee: Ticket price is 38 SGD (about 1, 350 PhP)

NOTE: The view is fantastic. Always be ready to take snaps. Be there early to explore all the water adventure rides!

Reminder: GoPro and other action cams are not allowed in the water slides. Be early as you can to experience all the slides and adventure!

You should try Riptide Rocket! Queue might be long but it will be worth the wait!

More info at



adventure cove sentosa singapore

dry booth adventure cove


getting up close with a stingray

Chinese Gardens

How to get there?

It’s easy! Go to the Chinese Garden MRT station and you will find the entrance to the Chinese Gardens there.

Entrance fee: NONE

Things to do: Be there before 5pm to see the tortoise. There are lots of beautiful pagoda and Japanese and Chinese structures in the garden. Also see the Chinese Zodiac where you can see statues of the 12 animals.

More info about Chinese Gardens at

I can’t help but share these awesome photos at Chinese Garden!

Chinatown Singapore

Getting there: Go ride the MRT and stop at the Chinatown MRT.

Entrance fee: NONE

NOTE: Try the street foods! Or perhaps dine at the Chinatown Food Street

You can buy cheap Singapore souvenir items at Chinatown. These include keychains, ref magnets, bags, tshirts, and among others.


Pagoda at Chinatown Singapore
Pagoda at Chinatown Singapore

There’s also an Indian temple in Chinatown Singapore called Sri Mariamman Temple. You can enter the temple but you need to take your shoes off. I wasn’t able to get into the temple due to time constraints though.

Sri Mariamman Temple
Sri Mariamman Temple

East Coast

How to get there?

quoting this from

Bedok MRT station is nearest if you are coming in by train: take a bus 401 from there on weekends which will take you directly to East Coast Park, and during the week hop on the 197 to Marine Parade Road outside Parkway Parade and walk through the underpass.

Entrance fee: NONE

NOTE: Rent a bike and explore Bedok Jetty, you’ll love the view.

More info on East Coast Park at




concrete dining tables in East Coast



Ion Orchard

Getting there: Ride the MRT and stop at the Ion Orchard station.

Entrance fee: NONE

NOTE: Explore the shopping district of Singapore! Try LlaoLlao frozen yogurt or the ice cream sandwich. There are also street performers be sure to stop and watch how talented they are.


see how beautiful this architecture is?

Changi Airport



Getting there: Ride a bus going to Changi Airport or perhaps take the MRT.

Well, the best thing really is to explore the airport before your departure (perhaps several hours before the flight). The reason why I went back to Changi prior to my departure date is that I have to send my sis-in-law to Malaysia. She then recommended me to explore the airport. It was really huge. There are lots of stores, restaurants, and even a children’s playground.

We had dinner at Fish & Co. The food was good but the serving speed is slow.

Entrance fee: NONE


NOTE: Ride the sky train. By the time of my visit, the theme is dancing sunflower. Few months ago, it was PokemonGo. So what do you think will be theme next?



How to get there?

The nearest MRT station are CityHall (City Hall MRT (North-South (red) or East-West (green) line) Esplanade MRT (Circle Line).

More info at

Entrance fee: NONE

NOTE: Observe. Observe. Observe. Be mindful with other travelers too.

Clarke Quay

How to get there?

Go to Clarke Quay MRT. More info

Entrance fee: NONE

Clarke Quay has a huge stretch of restaurants that are stunning at night. You can also ride a mini boat here. The slingshot extreme ride is also located around this area.  See videos here

TIP: Try the Bak ku teh at Song Fa

Marina Bay Sands

How to get there?

Go to Marina Bay Sands MRT station. A detailed info here

Entrance fee: NONE

You may try resting under the Helix bridge, you can smell the breeze there.

The Hellix
The Hellix


Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, Super Tree Grove

How to get there?

Go to Marina Bay Sands. In the MRT station, there’s an entrance going to Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and Super Tree Grove

Ticket price: 28 SGD (about 991 Php)

Cloud Forest and Flower Dome requires different ticket. The one I got was sort of combo for both attractions. They are of the same area.

The management offers some sort of transpo (like a buggy or golf cart type) for guests. However, you need to pay a different fee to get this one. If you are still able and have the energy, I suggest walking. It’s not that far anyway.

Flower Dome

japanese sakura theme flower dome

During my visit, the theme at Flower Dome is Japanese Sakura. Being in the Philippines, I didn’t know that there other colors of Cherry Blossoms. So it’s not just the pink one! I should have known! HAHA! I heard the Singaporean government have exported these shrubs so that visitors and Singaporeans can be able to see them up close without having to go to Japan.

Apart from the Japanese Sakura theme, also featured are huge palm trees and other tree varieties as well as flora.

Cloud Forest


waterfalls cloud forest

Cloud Forest features different kinds of plants. It’s a huge greenhouse that features bonsai to huge trees. Also showcased is a film showing featuring the Earth’s temperature, climate change, and more.

There’s a tall artificial waterfalls upon entrance. I suggest going to the top first then take photos/videos from the top to the bottom.

Super Trees Grove

super tree grove

Entrance: NONE

Have you seen the scifi movie Avatar? See them in person, visit Super Trees Groove. It’s even beautiful if you see them at night.

There are restaurants in the Super Trees Grove. You don’t have to dine in it since it will be a bit pricey.



Since Singapore is mainly inhabited by Chinese, Malay and Indians, expect variety and fusion of cuisine. Western foods are also served by most restaurants.


Hainanese chicken rice

The basic food of most Singaporeans is the Hainanese chicken rice. Price starts at 5 SGD up.

Hainanese chicken with rice balls
Hainanese chicken with rice balls

Bak kuh teh (pork rib dish) – try eating at Songfa!

this one’s a pork belly served at Songfa (mura sya og humba hahah)

Sotong Head

Sotong means squid.  If in the Philippines we have fish ball and tempura, in Singapore, they have fried sotong head.

sotong (squid) head
sotong (squid) head at Chinatown


grilled sotong with egg (@Jem, Jurong East MRT)

Mostly sotong? Yes of course! I love squid! haha!

Satay with peanut butter sauce

A Malaysian cuisine. I love the satay at the Streets of Asia in Sentosa Island.

pork satay (at Streets of Asia, Sentosa)
pork satay (at Streets of Asia, Sentosa)

Roti Prata

This one’s an Indian food, that tastes like a pancake but the sauce is curry like.

Roti Prata

Seafood Fried Rice

fried rice with bean stalk, shrimp and egg.

Hokkien Mee


You won’t be having any problems with Singapore’s transportation systems. Public transpos include trains, buses, taxis and more!

What I did observe is that I only see limited number of people riding motorcycles. I didn’t see any old models of cars too. What I have heard is that the fees will get higher if you keep old cars with you.

You need to have the EZ Link card to ride the MRT and buses. You can reload the card at different MRT stations.

Time Zone

Singapore and the Philippines are in the same time zone (GMT +8). The huge difference I can say is that 7PM in Singapore is much like 4PM in the Philippines. Should I say that the sun rises and sets faster in the Philippines than in Singapore? HAHA!

Suggested Itinerary:

Day 1

  • Sentosa Island
  • Explore Adventure Cove (spend the entire day so that you can make the most out of your ticket price haha). Explore all the rides.

Day 2

  • Ion Orchard (walk through the Ion Orchard. Eat at local hawker site). Explore until you can see different museums in Fort Cunning, etc. You don’t have to get inside but you can take pictures of the museum. Pa char char lang gud. hahah!
  • East Coast (explore all the sections in East Coast. Rent a bike)

Day 3 (These places are in close proximity with each other, you can just walk really)

  • Clarke Quay
  • Esplanade
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Super Tree Grove
  • Flower Dome
  • Cloud Forest

Day 4

  • Chinese Gardens
  • Chinatown Singapore

Here’s a summary of all the spots I have visited and explored during my 2017 visit in the Lion City (Singapore)! I hope you could visit Singapore too!

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