Pityak Falls in Dumanjug, Cebu

One Saturday afternoon, we decided to go Dumanjug and see Pityak Falls. We’ve been reading about this spot in several blogs already and we’ve heard that it’s very accessible.

How to get there?

Pityak Falls is located in Brgy. Kanghalo. You need to travel about 30-45mins away from the national road. The landmark would be a bakeshop named Name No and it should be before the Poblacion.

When you take the road, you will be passing 2 or 3 baranggays. Kanghalo should be on the right portion and you are going to take a quite rocky downhill road. Take note of the barangay hall of Tubod-Dugoan.

Should you feel like you are lost, don’t hesitate to ask the locals.

… and here’s Pityak Falls.



If you decide to go into a short trek above the hill, you will see amazing rock formations. The water won’t be that enticing but hey you can take a shower. haha! But be sure to be very careful on your steps since the stones are very slippery. The water isn’t clear and it has an eerie feeling in it. Go ahead and enjoy some of the photos.

… and here’s our video during our adventure!



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