Mantayupan Falls& Sayaw Beach in Barili, Cebu

Cebu has been blessed with so many beautiful waterfalls, especially in the southern part. Most of it are yet to be discovered but few were already developed by the local government or cooperative to provide more convenience to the visitors. One of the most accessible waterfalls in Cebu is the Mantayupan Falls in Barili.

How to get there?

Barili is about 2-3 hours travel from Cebu City’s South Bus Terminal (near Elizabeth Mall/Emall). take note: Take the bus that is bound to Oslob via Barili. Most of the buses will have a short stopover at Shamrock Barili, that’s where your jump start for the waterfalls is. Once you get there, lots of habal2x drivers will ask you if you are going to Mantayupan Falls (yes, this is one of the locals’ source of income). From Shamrock, it will take you about 10-15 minutes travel going to Mantayupan Falls.

Mantayupan Falls


Mantayupan Falls is used by the locals to power their electricity. It is managed by a cooperative. Hence, each visitor is required to pay 20 or 25 pesos for the entrance fee – for maintenance and such.

There are actually three falls – one at the bottom (a twin falls actually, which make it three) and the grandest and the tallest at the top.

The main falls is about 140 meters while the twin falls at the bottom is at 98 meters.

There’s also cave-ish part near the twin falls at the bottom. It’s actually under the bridge going to the main falls. It’s a good area for photo ops because of the rock and its amazing formation. You just need to get the proper angle! 🙂 I hope we get the right angle! Haha!

Sayaw Beach

After Mantayupan, we went to Sayaw Beach. There’s nothing special about it, really, but there are some rock formations you can see there. Others are saying that there’s a cave there but we didn’t have much time and the weather starts to get gloomy at that time. So, just a short stopover and some took some photos.

So to fuel our hunger, we headed back to Poblacion and went to Gustoso, it’s pretty slick restaurant for a province. They serve Italian foods, as the name would suggest. Their pizza is delicious but the carbonara was a mess. The restaurant has a nice ambiance and they have lots of Buhok ni Maria hanging in some seats.

Take a look at our adventure at Mantayupan Falls & Sayaw Beach in Barili, Cebu!


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