Mago Peak in Carmen, Cebu.. Climbing With Kids

I haven’t had the experience of climbing mountains with kids. It was my first time meeting the kids of my friend’s friends. These kids had their own mountaineering experience already, which is awesome.

It was a Sunday when the group went to Carmen’s Mago Peak, which is actually a boundary among Carmen, Danao, and Tuburan. When you reach the boundary, you’re instantly in three places at once. SWEET!

How to get there?

From the Cebu North Bus Terminal, ride a mini bus going to Carmen Public Market (it’s after the town of Catmon). Estimated bus travel is 2-3 hours.

In the public market, haggle with motorcycle taxis (habal2x) to take you to Brgy. Santican, the jumpoff point to the peak. In our case, we pay 100 pesos each. The ride would take about an hour from the market.

The Trail

The trail was easier than my previous climbs. It’s mostly open but luckily the weather was with accommodating – mostly cloudy and there was no rain during our ascend. You have to overcome about 4-6┬áhills (not that steep). Don’t worry, the lush of green in the area will somehow ease your tiring body.


I was more concerned and exhausted with the habal2x ride from Carmen market to the jumpoff point of Santican Brgy. Hall. The road is very bumpy, rocky and steep! The barangay officials really need to work on their farm to market roads! Along the way up to Santican, you can see how rich the Llhuiler are! I heard they are planning to open their gigantic farms in Carmen to the public any time from now. There were already lots of cows and other animals on site. Atop the peak, I can see their tiny silhouettes! (I’m not angry, I just putting some ! on each sentence haha! … see?) ­čśÇ

our little mountain guides

The thing about having kids on board is that you can see how curious they are. If they see something interesting, they stop. I haven’t heard these kids mentioning that they’re tired. I admire how they are into this sort of adventure at a very young age. Great job kiddos and kudos to the parents too!

On our way back to the jumpstart, we’ve somehow discovered this tiny waterfalls:

We were planning to do a sidetrip in one of the cold springs of Carmen (either: Middle Earth, Uragay or Durano) but due to unfavorable weather, we decided to get back before it gets dark.


  • 35-50┬ápesos – Bus fare from North Bus to Carmen Public Market (one way)
  • 100 pesos – habal2x fare from Carmen Public Market to Brgy. Santican (one way)
  • 50 pesos each – for the 2 grade school guides

Max budget: less than 500 pesos

Go check our video:

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