Lake Danao: Ormoc City’s Serene And Picturesque Attraction

One of most famous attractions in Leyte is Ormoc City’s Lake Danao. It’s the second time I have visited this place. The first was when we made a side trip prior to Kalanggaman Island. The group decided to choose Ormoc since we will be waiting for a friend from Baybay who will join us in the island. The second time I went to Lake Danao was different since I am with my family. The same place but different experience and I get to know the place better. I will be combining the two photos of my trips – a sort of peek on how the place looks like early in the morning and on a gloomy afternoon.

Lake Danao – Early Morning

Mini lake, on the other side of the main lake. Shallow but equally cold water. Good swimming spot for kids.

Lake Danao – Gloomy Afternoon


Fees & Activities

As far as I remember, there was no entrance fee but there was an environmental fee (about 10 pesos I guess). There’s a 150-300 pesos fee (depending on the coop and the cottage size) should you decide to rent a floating cottage. I really recommend renting a cottage so that you can have a better view of the whole lake – not to mention it’s good for photo ops too. Who would not want to dip their feet on the lake? It’s actually a good spot for swimming too or if not, try kayaking (150 per hour). There are also little boats (sakayan in Leyte’s term), which is also available for rent at 150 pesos per hour.

There are also lots of vendors selling freshwater shellfish, which were caught from the lake. You can ask them to grill or cook them for you.

… and here are the required group shots at the lake haha.

The guitar-shaped lake is 650 meters (2, 500 feet) above sea level, hence, it’s colder than the temperature in the downtown. According to Wiki, the average depth is 80 m (260 ft). It is approximately 45min-1hr trip from downtown to Barangay Lake Danao. You can also see the steam of the geothermal plants in Tongonan on the way to the lake.

Since Lake Danao is at the top part of Ormoc, we did a short stop over to take a shot at the city. The overlooking view is so stunning.

NOTE: During a trip with friends, we rented a multicab for 1,000 pesos from the Ormoc City public terminal (near the port). According to some locals, there are only limited number of public transportation going to the lake. Since we are a big group (about 9), we grab the multicab. By the way, the trip schedule for public transpos are not in an hourly manner (unlike most of the transpos in other cities). The last schedule would probably be around 4PM.

Ormoc City Early In the Morning

I would also like to share some early morning shots while we are in Ormoc City. Check them below:


Lake Danao early in the morning


Lake Danao, one gloomy afternoon

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