Lagging When Editing GoPro Videos In Sony Vegas: Here’s How To Fix It!

I have been using Sony Vegas to edit my GoPro videos. At first I was upset why was it too laggy to play back the videos I’ve split. I was thinking maybe my laptop’s specs wasn’t that upgraded to deal with this issue, but it’s not. I even have to selectively render the track to have a smooth rerun or preview of the video, which is really time consuming.

After researching all possible reasons and solution to this issue, I found the culprit. I discovered that it was this DLL that needs to be updated. I am using Sony Vegas 12 actually (the latest is Sony Vegas 14) so that makes sense.

So back to the DLL file that needs to updated. It’s mc_dec_avc.dll. I hope this blog post somehow gives you a fix on dealing with preview lags when editing raw videos from my GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download mc_dec_avc.dll file here.
  2. (This is for Windows); proceed to C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 13.0\FileIO Plug-Ins\compoundplug (or where you have installed the Vegas on your drive).
  3. Copy and replace the existing files on that directory to update the new DLL.

You should also know that the following can have great impact when editing your videos in Vegas:

  1. RAM  capacity (4Gb, 8Gb, etc.)
  2. Video Card
  3. available free space on your hard drive
  4. processor

P. S. I’m not really a big fan of GoPro Studio since I found Sony Vegas’ functions to be better. I was working with this tool for quite some time already, so yes, it’s more about having advanced functions and being familiar with it. Perhaps if I did use GoPro Studio I won’t have this lagging issue at first but I won’t be satisfied though as this tool isn’t giving me the things I wanted when it comes to video editing.

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