Kalo-Kalo Peak, Mt. Lanaya (Alegria): Climbing The Deadly Assault Of Legaspi Trail

I’ve heard that Kalo-Kalo Peak of Mount Lanaya in Alegria is one of the toughest mountains to climb in Cebu. Well, every mountain is. But then again, reading it from blogs or hearing it from other people is different when you are actually experiencing it. Read on and find out about our sea to summit adventure at Mount Lanaya!

The group have been planning to climb Mt. Lanaya for several months now (perhaps years? I lost count). It was not until July 29, 2017 that the plan have been pushed through.

Day 1

7:30 AM – Call time.

.. that was the planned call time but wasn’t possible. Filipino time, I know! I got there before 7:30AM. I waited again. Remember Mt. Naupa?

After few minutes that led to hour, we are complete!

9AM – South bound

We took the 9AM trip on board a Sugbu Transit bus bound to Bato via Barili. We arrived at Alegria Heritage Park in Poblacion at around 1:20PM.

1:20PM – Touch Down Alegria

alegria heritage park
Alegria Heritage Park

We had quick lunch at Dulot and rode a tricycle for Brgy. Legaspi, which was about 5 minutes of travel.

Fare is 10 pesos each. Avoid haggling with a motorcycle  (habal2x) since they ask for a higher price.

2:10 PM – The Orientation at Brgy. Legaspi

registration & orientation @ Brgy. Legaspi

We met with Kuya Reynolds, our guide (not the ballpen HAHA). Initially, one of our companions wanted to go a separate trail, Lumpan, thinking that it was the one that offers a steeper route (she needs it as a preparation for an upcoming Dragonboat competition). It turns out that Lumpan’s camp site is different from those who are taking the Legaspi trail. Oh and yeah, Lumpan’s easier than the Legaspi trail.

By the way, there’s a well maintained comfort room in the Legaspi barangay hall so better use that prior to starting the 4 hour trek.

2:20 PM – The Trail to the Camp Site AKA Windows XP

The trail going to the camp site is mostly open, which drained our energy – not to mention I was carrying about 15 pieces of hanging rice (puso) at my backpack. I have to give to our male companion because it’s too much for me.

During the hike, I already witness the stunning view of the Alegria coastline. Thanks for the rainy season, the grasses have been hydrated – these beautiful creatures are showing their greenish aura.

at the back is the Kalo Kalo Peak

It took us about an hour to reach the camp site. We left our bags in a small hut and proceed to the Kalo-Kalo Peak.

3:30 PM – The Deadly Assault: Trail to Kalo-Kalo Peak 

Now, now, now. Welcome to the Legaspi Trail! Did I mention that Lanaya is dubbed as the toughest mountain in Cebu? Well it is! Imagine a 50-60° incline going up the estimated 720 masl mountain.

The assaults are unforgiving. Almost all of the ascends are really steep.

In the trail, we passed a dense forest, a narrow ridge, tall grasses, loose rocks, which made the climb very difficult. I can’t imagine carrying heavy backpacks with that trail. DEYM!

the rock
tall, wild grasses
hiker in action
steepest assault with loose rocks

We were lucky that there were no rain during our climb, it would have been really hard.

… but then again, after all those deadly assaults, we were rewarded with a stunning view of the Tañon Strait and the beautiful sunset.

Kalo Kalo Peak


smile Stella Maris & Brandon


the peak and the setting sun
great job guys! we’ve reached the peak in less than 2 hours
pa char char hahaha!
sunset shot at the Kalo Kalo Peak
nice noh? ahh beautiful sunset


5:50 PM – The More Deadly Down Hill to the Camp site (Legaspi Trail)

The deadly assault was unforgiving, the deadlier down hill is another wicked part. We started to get back to the camp site at 5:50PM. There was still light in the first few down hill phase but the night was approaching very fast and we ended up trekking the dangerous down hill Legaspi trail with our flashlights.

the killer downhill

The guide reminded us to always be close to each other especially during night treks. He narrated to us that there were some mountaineers who got lost in the trail.

We only have 2 flashlights, the one for the guide and mine, the sweeper of the group. It was scary being at the end of the line during night trek HAHA!

We passed through lots of earthworms and the sound of the crickets are everywhere.

7:10 PM The Camp Site: The Bright Stars & the Wind

It was already 7:10PM when we get back to the camp site. We pitched our tents and prepared our dinner.

It was a beautiful night. There were lots of stars and we had several hours of chitchats that started from the falling stars, to politics, then personal development via blogging.

We decided to just lay our mats on the camp site since there was no rain that night. It was windy but it wasn’t that chilly.

Day 2

sunrise on the other side of the mountain


Wake time is at 5AM and we prepared our breakfast – coffee, spam, tuna and bread!

It was such a stunning view to be greeted with the calm and peaceful Tañon Strait. We even saw the shadow of Mt. Talinis and Mt. Kanlaon in the neighboring province of Negros.

morning coffee!


camp site
the sun is rising at the back of the mountain


preparing our breakfast


the tree on the hill where we had our photoshoot na funny haha


Ever had the experience of doing every thing just to get a perfect and unforgettable shot? I know you are guilty, because I am too. There was this lone tree in the Windows XP camp. The lone tree is planted right at the edge of the hill. We climb the tree and I was on the top area. Everything’s good, we got some pretty good shots and we are enjoying it a lot. Now, when it’s done, climbing off the tree was hard. The group was really laughing  at me since I was really having a hard time going down. One mistake and I will be rolling down the hill. My friends were actually more scared at me. HAHA! But no worries, I was able to get down without bruises. Still complete and I am still writing this blog post. HAHA! I really suggest looking at my Kalo-Kalo Peak (Lanaya) travel vlog (ending) as it was recorded.

beautiful shot, right? look at our video (ending credits) for the funny moments hahaha



We started our descend to the barangay hall of Legaspi to start our waterfalls hopping to Cancalanog and Cambais Falls!

wacky group shot before going back to Brgy. Legaspi

The video:


Our waterfalls hopping adventure –> https://asaniquen.com/alegria-waterfalls-hopping-from-cambais-to-cancalanog/

How to get there?

  • Go to the Cebu South Bus Terminal in N. Bacalso, Cebu City.
  • Select the bus that is going to Bato/Barili and stop at Alegria. You may ask the driver to drop you off at the barangay hall of Brgy. Legaspi or you may quick stop at the Poblacion and have some photo ops in their heritage park.

More useful info:

  • Everyone is required to have a guide.
  • There are two known trails in getting into the Kalo-Kalo Peak – Legaspi (more difficult; starts trek from the barangay hall – a sea to summit experience) & Lumpan (you need to ride a motorcycle and from there you can take a shorter and easier route to the peak). Legaspi trail offers more scenic views of the ocean and you can also see the famous “Windows XP” view (which is actually the camp site).

Budget breakdown:

160-170 pesos – one way bus fare from Cebu City to Alegria

500 pesos – guide fee (minimum) – good for 5 people; additional 100 pesos per head for more than 5.

500 pesos – overnight guide fee good for the group

10 pesos – tricycle fare from Poblacion to Legaspi, Alegria

Recommended guide: Reynolds Santos -> 09754673305


… remember:

splash that smile ever

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    Greetings from Vienna, Austria

    Hieu and Robert

    • Thanks Hieu and Robert! I’m flattered. I hope you could visit Cebu province too! There are tons of nature-related activities you can do in the province. I hope I was able to help you with your future trip to Cebu!

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