Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte – Flightless Bird

No, Kalanggaman Island isn’t a bird sanctuary. Yes, I know that’s not a soldout joke. Anyway, Kalanggaman is probably Leyte’s most popular island as of now. There are lots of beautiful islands in Leyte – Canigao (Matalom), Digyo and other members of the Cuatro Islas (Inopacan) and who knows there are lots to be discovered yet.

Kalanggaman was called Kalanggaman because as viewed on top, the island looks like a bird (langgam is the Cebuano term for bird). And I read somewhere that the island was used to be a bird sanctuary. See the pic below:

courtesy: Musing Carabao


How to get there?

There are several shipping lines that offer direct route from Cebu to Palompon. There are two main ports actually – there’s one in Bogo and one in Cebu City (pier 3). I suggest taking the Cebu City port to Palompon port for convenience. The Palompon port is near the jumpoff point for the bangkas going into the Kalanggaman Island. The starting point is at the back of the municipal hall of Palompon (town proper). I heard that the Bogo port (it’s about 3 hours or more travel from Cebu City) will dock at a different port, which is quite a distant at Kalanggaman’s jumpoff point.


Palompon Tourism Hall


jumpoff point

Fees – Boat rental, entrance

Due to the flock of tourists going into the island, the municipal government of Palompon, Leyte do not allow those who have no bookings. Yes, you need to have an advance booking of the bangka (motorboat). The rent for the bangka ranges from 3,000-3,500 pesos. It can accommodate 10-15 people or more for the bigger ones. There are entrance fees and I’m sorry I forgot how much it was. All I remembered was it’s different for non-Palompon tourists and foreigners. The fee’s higher also if you want to spend the night at the island.

Travel time from Palompon mainland to Kalanggaman Island is about 1 hour. Expect some bumpy ride along the way. Don’t forget to secure your gadgets from getting wet.

What to expect?

There are no stores in the island and that’s why you need to bring your own food and water. Looking for the market? The market’s a few walks away from the municipal hall.

There are grilling stations and the comfort rooms are maintained properly. There are also police men to upkeep peace and order in the island especially for the overnighters.

The number of cottages are limited so you might want to bring your own tents and hammocks to feel the island life better.

spending our night at our beach tents

enjoying the island life with my hammock 🙂


Don’t forget to take a picture at the renowned sand bar. Get there early to avoid the flock of tourists and get that perfect shot!




Go checkout my travel buddy’s blog entry about our Kalanggaman travel at https://thewanderingitinerant.com/2017/07/12/the-awe-when-in-the-island-of-kalanggaman/. Grabbing some of your pics Stella Maris 🙂




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