Hindang Caves & Wild Monkeys – Hindang, Leyte

After having our lunch at Pagatpat Seafood Restaurant in Matalom, Leyte, we continued our road trip to Hindang Caves & Wild Monkeys, which is located at San Vicente, Hindang, Leyte. Some people would it is located in Mount Bontoc or Bontok. If you traveled from Matalom or in the Maasin City, Southern Leyte area, the way to the Hindang Caves & Wild Monkeys is right before the chapel to your right. If you traveled from Tacloban or from Inopacan (check out adventure in Cuatro Islas here), you should see it on your left. You can ask the friendly locals when you are having trouble finding the location.

You need to drive about 10 minutes from the national road to get to the Hindang Caves & Wild Monkeys. Upon arrival, you need to pay 20 pesos for the entrance fee and log in at the guest book. There’s a parking area but you need to pay a parking fee, which depends on what type of vehicle you bring.

…then the friendly reminders, which you really need to take into consideration:


  1. Do not feed the monkeys.
  2. Do not bring plastic bags.
  3. Disable the flash capability of your cameras.
  4. Never mock the monkeys.
  5. Do not shout or make loud noises.
  6. Do not throw your garbage anywhere.

Monkeys, like humans, can get urinary tract infections (UTI) too, that’s why it’s a no no to feed with them with junk foods. I suggest not to eat when you get there. The wild monkeys will surely surround you. During our visit, lots of wild monkeys were starting to gather around the tourist kid who was about to eat the last piece of junk food he had. He fell from the stairs since he was scared and was trying to run away from the wild monkeys. Always remember to keep an eye on the little kids and just don’t bring food when you get there. Monkeys have the strongest sense of smell. These are wild monkeys and are not tamed.

The way to the caves can be a little bit steep.

… then the signage:

picperfect with Mom, Dad & Uncle
picperfect with Mom, Dad & Uncle

Good thing they have constructed the stairs for easy navigation.

then the monkeys…

Trivia: According to the locals, there are about 3 tribes of monkeys in this mountain. 

… upon ascending to the top portion of the mountain, you’ll see the astonishing rock formations and different caves. There are huge trees too. Just don’t be too noisy because according to them there are unnatural beings living there. Luckily I don’t have an active third eye or else. hahaha!

.. take note, it’s not just a cave but caves, as in plural. I wasn’t really expecting to see this kind of beauty because initially I just thought “well may be this is just an ordinary cave with lots of monkeys on it.” But I was totally wrong. That’s the great thing about not setting too much expectation – you’ll be surprised in the end.

We weren’t able to get inside the big cave since it’s a bit dark and there were no tour guide at the moment. There’s an eerie feeling so we decided not to go inside (aside from the fact that the smell was too strong too handle hehe). But for those who are curious, check out http://callezaragosa.com/gerryruizphotoblog/2011/11/the-caves-monkeys-of-hindang-leyte/ for fantastic shots of the cave.


We then head back at the other side of the mountain en route to the zipline.  At 180 pesos, enjoy seeing Hindang’s greenery, get your adrenaline pumping and enjoy the 600-meter ride downhill.






So when you are in Leyte, try visiting Hindang Caves and Wild Monkeys and include this on your list!



So long!


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