GoPro Hero 4 Silver External Microphone & Adapter Review – Travel Vlog Tested

GoPro’s built in microphone is okay but what suck is if it is enclosed into a waterproof casing.  You may want to tell me why not use a new frame other than that waterproof casing? Blah, blah, blah. Let me talk about it later. But if you wanted to read my review of an external GoPro Hero 4 Silver microphone (plus the adapter), read on!

GoPro Frame for better audio recording?

Okay, so let’s talk about an external GoPro frame (not the waterproof housing). Well, I’m sorry but I’m not really a fan of it. Why? I have trust issues. Kidding aside, I just think that a bare GoPro frame won’t give me a total protection as it is enclosed in something like a waterproof casing.

You see, most GoPro frames only protect the sidings of the camera. The lens is bare so it’s susceptible to scratches. I don’t want scratches especially when I’m always on the go or I go to adventures like hiking or chasing waterfalls. There are frames, however, that have lens hood. Lens hoods are okay but they’re not enough to give protection from dusts.

… so this leads me to a new objective:

find a GoPro casing that provides lens protection but gives you room to insert external microphone

GoPro Side Open Casing – is it possible?

Yes, I found it! After several hours of searching the internet (from browsing through forums, eye shopping with multiple ecommerce sites, watching YouTube videos).

Since I’m on a budget, I got first the GoPro housing that looks the waterproof casing but has a hole in the microphone area:

GoPro side open casing

The audio is better compared to the full waterproof casing, however, it’s not the best yet. I used it at my Mt. Naupa. See it here –>

I felt like it’s not enough. The audio still sounds like I am in underwater. I observed though that it’s better if you are not too close to the camera.

I then decided buying an external microphone. The one I bought has a free side frame (which I mentioned earlier). It looks like this:

Well, since it’s a kit, I have no choice but bought it. Buying a kit can be a good thing so that you can have backup casing.




The microphone looks like this:


adapter included

I was able to use this one on our mountaineering adventure in Alegria and the audio so much better. Please take a look at my vlog here –>

I am pleased with the purchase but one thing unfortunate happened. I lost the microphone windshield on our way to the peak.

It’s lucky for us since it’s not that windy at the peak during our climb. However, it still picks up good audio quality than having no external mic at all.

the windshield are still in tact when we were in Poblacion, Alegria

I will definitely be using this one in my future adventure. Now, my quest is where to find a new pair of microphone windshield for my GoPro. Any suggestions?

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