Cebu Vs. Leyte – Blogging My Double Life

Don’t get the title wrong. This page isn’t about the which province is better than the other. You see, I’m quite living a double life – a true blood Southern Leyteña living in Cebu City. Well, I can already consider myself a local in Cebu since I have been here for more than 8 years. I have learned to adapt their culture too.

This is Cebu:

This is So. Leyte:

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So back to my story …

I will call this one a blog post series: Cebu Vs. Leyte:  Blogging My Double Life. Join me as I share you the cultural diversity I have noticed as a Southern Leyteña living in the world of Cebuanos. Learn how they differ (or perhaps some similarities too) from the dialect, food, tradition etc.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a study or social experiment but the discussion would revolve around my experience and observation. No pun intended.

Just a little about me. Well, uhm. Let me try again. Now I’m lost …. DEYM! just read my about page please (it’s kind of boring, really boring and I don’t event want to write about it but it’s a necessity to letting you guys know that this blog’s legit. hehehe)

The main reason why I’m in Cebu City is because of work. There’s not much of work opportunities for me in my province so I took a huge leap and life’s never better. I super love it here!

It’s quite a surreal experience for a province-raised (“probinsyana”) gal to mingle and live in a booming city like Cebu City.

Do check out the following blog posts. I really hope I was able to impart you a little about my culture in these two awesome provinces. I would really love your comments on this one!


Cebu Vs. Leyte Series: The Dialect (Expression)

This is a blog series I am currently working on. More about this story at Cebu Vs. Leyte: Blogging My Double Life.