Canyoneering Cebu: Fees, What To Expect, Outfit

I am writing this blog post 2 years after I had my canyoneering adventure in Alegria & Badian, Cebu. What? 2  years? How am I going to help you with fees and budgeting in general? I would like to apologize if I cannot give you figures about the cost but I assure you that you’ll find important information about canyoning in Cebu on this blog post. 

Alegria vs. Badian Canyoneering

Alegria and Badian are towns in southern Cebu that host the famous canyoneering activity. The canyoneering adventure I had before (November 2015) started from Kanlaob River (Alegria) down to Kawasan Falls (Badian). I read a blog post that the two local government have decided to split the activity in each municipality. Now it make sense why I saw a huge “Kawasan Canyoneering Starts Here” label during a traverse from Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Falls last February 2017.

How to get there?

The gateway (for public commuters) to these towns is the South Bus Terminal in N. Bacalso, Cebu City. Badian is closer to Cebu City (approximately 3 hours of travel) while Alegria would take about 4 hours. Choose the bus with the route going to Bato via Barili. Do not take the bus Bato/Oslob since it’s going to be on the other side of the province.

Estimated fare would be around 150 pesos (dependent on the bus operator and bus type).

Canyoneering Outfit

The outfit is very important when you are doing an extreme adventure like this. I would recommend the following:

  • swimming leggings
  • rash guard (long sleeve)
  • thick board shorts (not denim)
  • aqua shoes (no slippers)
canyoneering outfit
canyoneering outfit (putos kaayo noh? haha)

Tour operators will supply you with helmet and life vest. It’s a must and even if you are an Olympic swimmer, you are still required. So follow protocols accordingly.

Do not wear denims or jeans as these suck a lot of water, hence, it will be too heavy to swim and walk.

What to expect?

Jump, swim, slide, duck, and walk – you will experience all of that activity when getting into the canyon.

It took us about 4 hours to complete the activity. I think there were about 6 levels. We had our names logged in the barangay hall of Sangi, Alegria. Afterwards, we took a motorcycle ride for about 30 minutes to the jump off point of the canyoneering. From there, we were oriented and put on the vest and helmet on.

registration/orientation area

We then had a 5-minute walk going to the first level of Kanlaob River, Alegria.

5 minute walk to the Kanlaob river

Level 1 – 15 ft jump

group shot at Kanlaob River – prior to the first jump

Well, that’s a hell of a start. LOL! There’s actually an alternative to this one. For those who are scared for the 15 ft jump, there’s a 10ft at the mouth of the waterfalls.

congrats! 15 ft jump done!

Level 2 – Slide (6 ft long and 4 ft drop)

Next level was the slide – that is why you need to have a thicker board short just in case it got ripped. LOL! I had quite a memorable ripped short experience when we were in Aguinid Falls in Samboan. Anyway, there’s a running water so that’s why it’s possible to slide into this level.

… walk, walk, walk into the huge boulders

huge, huge boulders (slippery too)

Level 3 – Jump a little (3-5 ft)

jump a little … swim and duck …

Level 4 – jump a little (3-5 ft drop)

… prior to taking the last high jump, we did another jump .. jump to the store selling barbeque because we were so damn hungry that time. LOL!

We have dry bags where we store our valuables and water. Sea to Summit dry bags did not fail us.

Level 5 – 25-30 ft (tallest so far)

It was scary but rewarding. This is actually not required, you can opt not to jump to this level.

The scary part for this canyoning is that the catch basin isn’t really that wide so it’s very important to be extra careful when doing the jump. Make sure to only jump on the center.

Look at some of our photos during the canyoning:


… after all those jumps, swim, slide, etc. we then took 30 minutes of walk to Kawasan Falls.

Someone offered us a waterfalls massage for 300 pesos. The waterfalls massage was not included in the canyoneering package. The massage feels like a torturing reward. HAHA! Try it and you’ll know!

The worst thing I did encounter for that adventure was we were still asked to pay for the exit fee in Kawasan Falls, IKR. Tsk2x. So be sure to always check with your package operator for hidden charges haha!

Always remember: follow rules, follow your guide. Don’t do something stupid because one mishap can lead to accidents – even death. Of course, take your time. If you are not ready, don’t jump because you’re pressured, jump because you are prepared.

watch the Alegria-Badian, Cebu downstream canyoneering vlog below:

P.S. sorry for the shaky footage and low quality photos..


… remember:

splash that smile every mile


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