Canigao Island 2017, Matalom, Leyte

A lot has changed already. That’s the first thing that came into my mind the moment I stepped in at the port. It’s not the old Canigao Island that I’ve seen 10 years ago.  Well it’s 2017 so what else do I expect? The island have become popular!

What are the changes?

Transport from mainland to the island

What I love about the new setup is that boats and the maintenance of the island is now being controlled by the local government unit (LGU) of Matalom, Leyte.

Fees & Boat Fare

Fees has gone up but it has provided better service to the people visiting Canigao. Before this setup, you have to hire the entire bangka for your group (same case with Kalanggaman Island and Cuatro Islas). It was quite expensive if you are only with 3-5 people. So now, you don’t have to hire the entire bangka but you’ll be charged per person (back and forth fare, entrance fee). Rates for adults and children vary. See below for the fees/expenses during the trip:

– entrance fee: 40 pesos
– boat fare: 65 pesos (back and forth)

Note: kids below 10 years old (not sure about the age bracket) is half the price of the adult fees.

few reminders:

  • rooms, cottages, tents, tables and chairs available (different rates for day and night use)
  • if you bring your own tent, there’s a camping fee of 100 pesos
  • electricity available (starts at 6pm)
  •  well maintained comfort rooms and shower rooms (salinated water)
  • stores available
  •  approximately 15-20 minutes from the port (at the back of Matalom Municipal Hall)
  • there’s an office there on the island so if you have questions, please visit the officials any time. They are also selling iced water and sodas.  Apart from that, they also offer rentals for tents, inflatable, etc.
  • beach volleyball courts available
  • see the zoning below to know where to swim or snorkel; always watch out for strong currents

Spot Map and Zoning of Canigao Island Paradise

How to Get there?

The main landmark would be Matalom’s municipal hall. If you can see a big sign of I LOVE MATALOM along the road, then that’s it. It’s a popular island so it won’t be difficult to locate it. If you’re from Maasin City, it should be on your left, otherwise, if you’re from Ormoc/Hilongos/Bato, it’s on your right. Ask the friendly locals to make it easier to locate.

If you are from Cebu:

Matalom is near the ports of Bato and Hilongos. These two ports have daily (night and day) trips to Cebu City. Estimated travel time from Cebu City to Hilongos/Bato is 4-6 hours. Fast craft can shorten the trip into 3 hours, 4 hrs max. Most fast crafts have daily trips. By the way, there’s a fast craft that will dock in Maasin City. It will be approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour travel to Matalom.

You can do a sidetrip at Pagatpat Seafood Restaurant. You can also see Canigao Island from there. Their food is mouthwatering. Read our dining experience at Pagatpat at this post.


It was Easter Sunday when we get there, so yes, there are a lot of people. You can find locals and tourists mingling with each other.

Photos during my visit:

P.S. See the video at the bottom of the post! TY 😉

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