Busay Falls, San Fernando, Cebu – Lost and Found

Last Saturday, we decided to go into an adventure, that is to find Busay Falls in San Fernando, Cebu. A friend had suggested that she wanted to go there, so we searched the net. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a lot of information about it. The only guide we found was this post from the blog Ride All the Way, which you can read at http://ridealltheway.com/jumping-up-and-down-the-waterfalls-in-san-fernando/.

How to get there?

We embarked at around 2:30PM then arrived at Poblacion, San Fernando around 3:30PM or 4PM. As mentioned at Ride All the Way’s blog, there are two ways on how to get to the Busay Falls:

  1. Brgy. Talisay – shorter motorcycle ride but longer trek.
  2. Brgay. Balud – longer motorcyle ride but shorter trek.

We decided to choose the 2nd option since we had our own motorcycles. The starting point would be Brgy. Balud’s chapel.  There are also lots of habal-habal (or motorcyle taxi as Wiki says :D) in the chapel area. I’m not sure how much is the fare though.

It’s going to be a pretty bumpy ride going to Busay Falls via Brgy. Balud but you are going to enjoy the view of the sea, should you reach a higher peak.

On the way, you could see lots of poultry houses and a mobile network tower. If you can see a big slab of greyish stone on the right, you will be able to see a smaller road on your left – take that. The road going down can be a bit more bumpy so get hold of your seat.

If you reach the quarry, get back, you are lost – just like us. It’s a dead end but it didn’t stop us from taking a picture! The picturesque is something that can’t be passed on.
Okay, so 1, 2, 3, say CHEESE!!

The first house on your left will be the jumpstart of your trek to Busay Falls. You may asked to park your motorcycles there, the house owner is more than accommodating. Be careful though, there are lots of dogs, so approach them gently.

We went uphill then downhill until we found Busay! Yeah we got lost, got tripped, and even fell a couple of times but these occurences didn’t stop us from finding what we need to find. A friendly reminder: to make it easier, just follow the river until you hear the sound of the falls. Be careful as the trek can be slippery.

You can actually jump off at the Busay Falls as what Ride All the Way and her friends did. Should you decide not to take that jump, you can go down and get use of the tree roots and experience a more slippery trek.

Here take a look at our experiences in finding Busay Falls in San Fernando, Cebu.



So long!

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