Banahaw Cold Spring (Macrohon, Southern Leyte) – Beat The Heat

On a Sunday, “the family” went to Banahaw Cold Spring in Brgy. San Joaquin, Macrohon, Southern Leyte. It’s more than an hour trip from Bontoc, our hometown. Why do we go there? Find out more at this blog post! Oh and by the way, Google is such an awesome travel companion!

We went there to celebrate (in advance) the birthday of my beloved mom. She initially planned to have it celebrated in a mountain resort in Sogod but since the price is too high (entrance fee, cottages, plus there’s a separate fee for vehicles), we did not pursue it (we were there last year and there was no vehicular fees yet). Apart from the fees, we have also experienced how hot it was there. Since we want to cool down, we went to Banahaw Cold Spring.

How to get there?

Since we are from Bontoc, we traveled about an hour taking the Tomas Oppus route. These are the towns we have passed: Bontoc → Tomas Oppus → Malitbog → Padre Burgos → Macrohon. Remember if you are from Sogod area just like us, Banahaw Cold Spring is before the town proper.

You can ride any public transpo that pass through the town of Macrohon. Take note that there is no label that states Banahaw Cold Spring. If in doubt, check Google Maps (below is the map entry) or perhaps ask the locals!

See? I told you Google is very useful. Go use Google maps and locate Banahaw Cold Spring easily. Tried and proven during this trip!

Banahaw Cold Spring isn’t aesthetically appealing but it is perfect to cool down the summer heat. It’s very accessible (about 5 minutes away from the national highway). The road is passable to 4 wheeled vehicles.

Fees & Activities:

Entrance Fee: 30 pesos for adults

Cottage rental: 200 pesos. There are also bigger cottages (higher rent); tables available too

The following are also available in the area:

  • Grilling station
  • Videoke station
  • Sari2x store
  • Toilets (well maintained; no prob with the water supply)
  • washing area near the toilets

The cottages we have chosen was slightly worn out. I guess the owners weren’t able to fix them up yet. I did see that the management is starting to build concrete cottages. For visitors who wanted to spend the night at the spring resort, they can stay at the rooms provided by the owners.

practicing .. (in pic: my nephew & dad)
my parents (with the crowd at the back)
underwater shot
“the family”

On the other side of the spring, there are lots of fish – tilapia, Japanese coi, and others. There are huge fish, which is estimated to weigh about a kilo or more. There are also fishes that are in arm length and size. These fishes hide if there are lots of people in the swimming area.

there are lots of fish on this area
one last pic before going home

Here just take a look at our video below!

By the way, nearby attractions in Banahaw Cold Spring is the Tangkaan Beach in Padre Burgos. Also, there’s the Molopolo Fish Sanctuary. Be sure to check ’em out.

and remember:

splash that smile every mile!

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