Bagatayam Falls & Binaliw Spring in Sogod, Cebu

Most of us could tell that there are lots of tourist spots in south Cebu compared to North, well in terms of waterfalls it is. It is actually true but north Cebu has its fair share of waterfalls too, most of them are waiting to be discovered. I am dying to know the falls in Catmon that I’ve seen in Instagram. I’m not referring to Katinggo Falls in Esoy Hotspring since that’s usually the topics Google suggested when searching for waterfalls in that area. Anyway, let’s move on to that. I would like to share my experience with Sogod’s Bagatayam Falls and Binaliw Spring.


How to get there?

Getting to the falls and spring is very easy. First off, go to North Bus terminal and you may ride a minibus or a Ceres bus going to Borbon or Tabogon. Sogod is an estimated 2-hours of trip from the terminal. Just ask the bus conductor to drop you off at Bagatayam Bridge. You can actually see the waterfalls from the bridge! Isn’t that amazing? So accessible. However, let me suggest you to take a short trek to Binaliw Spring (don’t ride a habal2x, it will cost you money and then you won’t be able to experience the beauty of Bagatayam).


There are no entrance fee and the locals there are very accommodating. You can see them doing their routines like doing laundry in the river and taking the time off and relaxing at the spring.


The Binaliw Spring is about 10-15 minutes trek, minus the photo ops of course. It’s a pretty nice experience to trek along the river. The road is not hard as it is always being accessed by locals and tourists.




There are a lot of algae though but a local boy says that they actually fetch drinking water in the spring (tubod in the local dialect).



There’s groto of Mother Mary in the spring.




There are also fishes there. It’s really shallow, you can actually sit without actually drowning yourself. HAHA!



Then there’s this generator in before the spring. It’s like a mini-dam. So I guess this pumps out water for the neighborhood.



and then the highlight of the travel, behold Bagatayam Falls!

The catch basin is really deep. Go enjoy take a jump!


… of course don’t miss the video!



I hope you get to visit Bagatayam too!


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