Alegria Waterfalls Hopping: From Cambais to Cancalanog

So after our challenging trek at Kalo Kalo Peak in Mt. Lanaya, we proceed to chase some waterfalls to ease our fatigue! So here’s our story on our waterfalls hopping adventure at Alegria’s Cambais Falls and Cancalanog Falls.

Cambais Falls

Entrance Fee: 30 pesos

Location: Guadalupe, Alegria, Cebu

There are changing and comfort rooms in the Visitors Information Area (the registration area).

Trivia: It is called Cambais because of the fish named “cambais”.

There are 3 levels of Cambais Falls. Prior to reaching waterfalls, you need to walk to about 15-20 minutes. The trail is mostly flat and shaded due to the surrounding trees.

Kyoto Feels


the squad


Level 1

level 1, Cambais Falls

First level is where most of the locals and travelers spent most of the time with. In our case, we spent more time at the third level because it was not so crowded. Plus, we got to jump, jump, jump!

However, we eat our lunch at the first level prior to proceeding to Cancalanog Falls.

Level 2

level 2, Cambais Falls 

Proceeding the level 2 means climbing the waterfalls. I quite remember a little bit of Aguinid Falls in Samboan. Be very careful since the stones can be quite slippery.

There’s a wooden stair going to level 3.

Level 3

level 3, Cambais Falls

The main waterfalls in the third level has 2 cascades. It also looks like a mini version of the level 5 in Aguinid Falls.

The third level is the perfect spot for a 20 ft jump, which we did.

Cancalanog Falls

Entrance Fee: 50 pesos

Location: Guadalupe, Alegria, Cebu

There’s a store selling beverages in the waterfalls area. There are also comfort rooms. 

Cancalanog Falls

Cancalanog is about 20-30 minutes motorcycle ride from Cambais Falls. There are plenty of ways in getting into the Cancalanog Falls. We chose the one with the signage 500 meters away. We’ve seen that there’s also 800 meters away. The road is really bumpy so hold on to your seat.

We walked about 10-15 minutes (down hill/up hill getting back) from the area where the motorcycles were parked.

You won’t be enticed by the waterfalls in Cancalanog but you’ll be amazed with the circular catch basin.

The basin is perfect for dives since the water is clear. The perfect jumping spot would be the bamboo bridge. However, if you are more adventurous, you can jump from this angle:

the basin

Checkout the Alegria Waterfalls Hopping vlog below:


How to get there?

  1. Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal and choose the bus route going to Bato/Barili.
  2. Ask the driver to drop you off to Sangi, Alegria (where the canyoneering activity take place).
  3. Haggle with motorycle drivers. We got our price of 300 pesos her head for 2 waterfalls.

Budget breakdown:

160 – 170 pesos – bus fare (one way) from Cebu City to Alegria

300 pesos – motorcycle ride for 2 waterfalls (pakyaw)

30 pesos – entrance fee for Cambais Falls

50 pesos – entrance fee for Cancalanog Falls


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