Aguinid Falls, Samboan Cebu – Conquering the Five Levels

Samboan is one of the luckiest towns in Cebu that is blessed with Mother Earth’s mysterious and breath-taking gifts. Located in the southern most part of Cebu, Samboan is home to lots of waterfalls.

How to get there?

When the group decided to hit on a road trip to Samboan, we definitely have to experience the five-tier Aguinid Falls, which is located at Barangay Tambo. It was actually a 4-5 hours trip on a motorcyle (from Cebu City), so our butts hurt like hell. Thanks God for the short stopovers 🙂 and incredible views along the way (we just say hello to Sumilon Island haha).

Unlike most waterfalls, Aguinid is just a few minutes away from the national road. In fact, it’s just less than five minutes away. There’s a parking lot for vehicles. Entrance fee is 20 pesos, inclusive of the tour guide. Which is actually a pretty sweet deal since the tour guides are very professional and they have insisted to hold our action cam so adventure is recorded.

There are five levels in Aguinid Falls that you need to conquer. It’s not really an easy trek and you really need to listen to the tour guide for your safety.

Aguinid Falls – The Levels




You can have a nice jump shot in the middle part (water depth is uneven in this spot. The water’s cool though.


Level 0 & 1 are piece of cake, huh? But then this:

it was hard climb and we deserve this shot! haha

It’s the 2nd level and we need to conquer 3 more to go. There’s no other way but here. haha! So it can be a bit hard to climb but trust your tour guide, you’ll get the assistance you need. When descending, you still got to go here. Better wear a thicker shorts or it gets ripped off. Trust me. My shorts got ripped off because I need to somehow slide down and get a grip on the rocks. Poor me! Haha.

 get on that grip guys

Level 3

Then this is the third level:


Such a beautiful cascade of water.

Level 4

this one’s pretty high

Level 5
Then the finale…


 It was actually hard to climb that mini-cave in Level 5, the water’s too strong. So you need to be careful climbing up here.

Check out our Aguinid Falls adventure at the video below. I hope you like it!

By the way, you’re gonna get really wet during this adventure. Better secure your things, especially if they’re not waterproof. Enjoy!

… and remember:


splash that smile every mile!

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