It’s hard to travel, I admit. It consumes everything – time, money, and even your brain when you’re the one organizing the trip! But why do we like travel? Is it because for the photos? the videos? Or the experience? We all have our reasons. Why I love travel? Well, I love exploring other places and trying out new adventures if given the opportunities.

Hi! My name is April, born and raised in Southern Leyte but now I’m making a living in Cebu City. Welcome to my travel blog – Asa ni Quen.

yep, that’s me at Sentosa Island, SG

Asa ni Quen translates to Where is this, Quen? (Quen, by the way is my nickname. Yeah I know, having that nickname is way far from my real name) 🙂

This travel blog aims to help you somehow ease some of the headaches when planning any travel – I will give you info about the place, costs, activities (based on my experience). I hope I will be able to inspire you to visit what’s around you because sometimes most of us become tourists of our own place. You can also find more info about travel gadgets here since I am a huge gadget fan (techie nerd alert!). 

The blog will be more on short getaways in Leyte and Cebu (because that’s where I am based; living a double life, I know!).  I worked full time and the thought of traveling long term like few weeks or months isn’t possible as of the moment. (Longest travel I had is about 2 weeks – that’s when I went to Singapore (with a sidetrip in Indonesia), to visit my brother.) Perhaps someday I can travel longer?! (who knows, aparador! haha). P.S. I crack corny jokes, so forgive me!

I travel at my own pace (usually weekends and holidays). I am living independently in Cebu City and far from my family (my parents are in Southern Leyte) and these short getaways and explorations somehow ease my loneliness and satisfy my hunger for adventure! I am actually thinking of becoming a digital nomad but hmmm, let’s set that aside as of the moment. 

P.S. This blog is always a work in progress (like me). I will try my best to present (properly) my travel stories via photos, videos, and blog posts (I’m trying, really, really trying). Oh and by the way, whenever you’re reading the blog or watching my vlogs, please do imagine that you are with me during the travel. Okay? Great! So, see you in our next adventure!

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